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Winter Window Display

We’ve got a new display in town. Que the geometric snowballs, white Christmas tree and the advent calendar garland. This baby is all white on white in anticipation for our (fingers crossed) white Christmas.

check out some process photos and behind the scenes:


Highlands Store Remodel cont.

The contractors now have our little shop in their hands. While we wait the three long days for them to turn our store back over to us, we are keeping busy by putting together all of our last details.

Our new outdoor sign’s typography and ribbon was all laser cut out, but still needed to be painted and assembled. First we slapped on some lovely choral paint.

After painting the ribbon and script beige, we marked, glued and assembled. Then, we shellacked, waited, shellacked, waited and shellacked some more to make this beauty a reality!


All store signs have been cut for us by our dear friend Scott from the Porkchop Show. Check out his Etsy, we’re in love with what he’s got.

xoxo, your starlet ladies.

Highlands Store Remodel Begins!

Tonight we emptied out the whole store in preparation for the remodel. Every scarf, every hat and every dress was folded up and tucked away into boxes. All the furniture was hauled out and every fixture was hacked off the walls, making a blank canvas for our future store.Today is the day. Our remodel starts now!