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March First Friday

It’s that time again! This Friday, March 2, all of Denver is going for a night out on the town! All of your favorite shops will be open a little later than usual, including us! Because we love you so much, we are giving you 20% off one of your favorite new spring dresses. With all the shipments we are receiving this week, finding your one true dress love shouldn’t be hard to do!

In addition to our spring sale, you can also enter your name in the win a $25 Starlet gift card! Our gift cards can be used at either of our locations and never expires! So if you need to think about that dress, or find the perfect shoes to go with it beforehand, you can wait! And as always, we will be serving up our delicious Starletinis though out the night as a mid-outfit refreshment. The offers are only available from 5-8pm on Friday night, so be sure to pop in with a friend or two and celebrate a night out with us! See you then, xoxo.

We’re on Instragram!

Words are fun, but photos are so much better when you’re dealing with clothing, accessories and things just too cute for words. So we decided to join the Instagram community to bring you the latest things we have going on in the stores and a sneak peek on all our behind the scenes action. It’s like having a backstage pass to one of your favorite boutiques!

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Our Favorites: Academy Awards 2012

We want to take time this lunch hour to reflect on the stunning dresses we saw last night on some of our favorite actresses. Red in any shade is the name of the game this spring! Check out these hotties, Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone, looking gorgeous in this spring dreamy color.

These modern day Starlets had us swooning all night long. Who were your favorites?

New in this week: Spring Dresses

Hey Ladies! This past week, we’ve been busy receiving all of our new shipments from the Magic show! With the lovely help of these starlets, Rachael and Anna, we were able to do a quick photo shoot of our favorite looks so far this season. Let us know which looks are your favorite.



Happy President’s Day

Happy President’s Day to all you lovelies who get the day off to relax, drink that afternoon cup of tea and finish up that book you’ve been falling asleep on for the past couple of weeks. For us here at Starlet, we want to give a big nod to not just president’s, but their loyal and enduring first ladies.

Here’s to you Jackie Kennedy!

Thank you for being so fashion forward in your day and making us all feel we can create meaning through style and beauty.


New In This Week: Spring Jewelry

This week we received a lot of new spring darlings to go along with all the new spring dresses we will be getting from our Magic shopping trip! Hot air balloon lockets, dancing feather and massive vintage-inspired clocks are all grabbing our hearts.



Color Block Sneak Peek.

Here’s a sneak peak of a new color block patterned dress we bought at Magic! You can expect to see the full dress in our stores within the next couple of weeks.

Outfit challenge: we’re remembering all the amazing pattern mash-ups we saw this past week at NYFW and wondering how that can be applied to this aaaaahmazing dress. We’re thinking a striped belt and some black and gold studded heels/flats. How about you?