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Monday Mood Color: Aqua

Aqua hints at water, the beach, pool parties, a feeling of serenity and a sense of uplift. With May making its grand debut tomorrow, we chose a color to get us summer-ready. Check out what we have and tell us what you would add!

1. D&Y sunhat $24
2. Everly strapless chicken dress $43
3. Gold fringe and aqua necklace $23
4. Buckled aqua belt $15
5. Aqua cat-eye sunglasses $20
6. Aqua and emerald stone bracelet $23
7. Aqua and peach scarf $15

Here’s to a lovely and smooth sailing week! xoxo.

Our Weekend Outfit: Lace, butterflies and a sense of direction

During the week in all the hustle and bustle of our work days, we can sometimes loose track of the sweet moments created by little things, people or places we love. Every weekend is a time to refresh ourselves and appreciate the small instances of beauty around us, to let those things empower us for the next week ahead. In our weekend outfit this week, we want to highlight a common sense of direction we receive in our weekends by including one of our new miniature locket compass necklaces. This necklace not only provides you with a way north, but also serves as a small pocket to save precious memories and treasures.

1. Miniature compass necklace $23
2. Ya lace collared dress $43
3. Floral and Gold bangle pack $13
4. Teal gold buckle belt $15
5. Butterfly crested satchel $35
6. Gold filigree ring $9

Be inspired by our new butterfly friends in Denver and take flight to new adventures this weekend while scooping up new treasures along the way.

All items are currently in stock at both locations. xoxo!

New Arrivals this Week: Stripes, Lace and Pattern

The sun in Denver is becoming a daily companion more and more, instead of this distant friend you only see every once in awhile and wished you could see more. Waking up to a sunny morning with birds chirping and new flowers sun bathing, we’re excited to bring summer-ready styles into the store. Here is just a small tasting of what our stores have received in the last week.


Starlet Quote of the Week: Diane Keaton

“Motherhood has completely changed me. It`s just about like the most completely humbling experience that I`ve ever had. I think that it puts you in your place because it really forces you to address the issues that you claim to believe in and if you can`t stand up to those principles when you`re raising a child, forget it.”

—Diane Keaton

Monday Mood Color: Fern

Inspired by all the lovely green we see popping up around Denver, we dedicate today’s post to green! A color of prosperity, life, well being and very yummy foods, we feel this color to be completely appropriate for the turning of a new season. Ah, spring, we love you so.

1. Santa fe earrings $15
2. Ya detailed collar blouse $34
with Everly polka-squared skirt $38
3. D&Y bowed sunhat $24
4. Large fern green purse $50
5. Beige buckled belt $15
6. Gold detailed bracelet $14

We hope you are all a lovely week! xoxo.


Our Weekend Outfit: Hot Hued Frenemies

Take a small break from reality this weekend by piecing together these two foes for a darling and colorfully hued look to celebrate much deserved time off. Somehow along the way, cats and birds decided to forever feud, but we are putting an end to the fight for the sake of refreshment, peace and camaraderie. Take a peek below at this new look:

1. D&Y bowed sunhat $25
2.  Peppermint birdie blouse $36
3. Gold pillar earrings $8
4. Ivory buckled skinny belt $15
5. Everly kitty cat skirt $38
6. Braided tassle purse $40
7. Textured yellow buckle clutch $38
8. Yellow tint sunglasses $20

This weekend, celebrate the beautiful peace in your life residing in pockets of happiness you enjoy every day. Cats and birds, dogs and mailmen, windy days and freshly glossed lips, we hear ya, and we want to take a break to enjoy the beauty in this life.

All items listed are freshly stocked at both stores. We hope you can enjoy them before they go! xoxo.

Monday Mood Color: Mulberry

Happy Monday ladies! This week, we’ve become inspired by the purple tulip blooms of spring and purple speckled butterflies fluttering by our store windows. In celebration, we make a large salute to this royal yet playful hue by finding some of our favorite pieces of clothing and accessories, all in mulberry.

1. Mulberry stone necklace $22
2. Hello Miss mulberry and chartreuse etched dress $40
3. Mulberry rimmed sunglasses $20
4. Mulberry lace bandeau $15
5. Large stone ring $12
6. Purple and peach water-colored scarf $15
7. Flower clutch $30

All items listed are currently stocked at both stores and ready for action. Come on now, don’t be shy for a little bold color in your wardrobe. xoxo!