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Dana and Our New Arrivals

Last week, we were able to catch up with our dear friend Dana during a photo shoot showcasing our new arrivals. Here are some sweet outfits we had her model for us.

Hello Miss cross-hatched leaf dress $40 / White buckle skinny belt $14 / White and primary stone
large bangle $15 / Gold knot collar necklace $23 / D&Y burnt coral sunhat $23

We’d save the best for last, but we just can’t this time. This is our absolute favorite look from the shoot, all consisting of: D&Y sunhat $25 / Mak netted top $32 / White camisole $10 / Blue feather & bead necklace $23 / Everly zigzag shorts $35 / Yellow bow ring $9 / Yellow weaved straw clutch $35

Everly polka-dot one shouldered dress $43 / D&Y small sunhat $23 / Gold net bangle $16 / Silver and gold feathered stone necklace $23 / Gold buckled ivory belt $13

Ya ruffled ochre dress $43 / Snake skinned ivory belt $14 / Compass rose necklace $23 / Coral and beach blue bangle packs $13 ea. / Green weaved satchel $30 / White tulle hair flower $9

Teenplo flutter dress $40 / D&Y small sunhat $23 / Metal fringed necklace $24 / Kelly green natural belt $15 / Mak netter sweater $32 / Green zipper clutch $32

 Thank you to Dana for being such an amazing model for us. These new styles are quickly making their way out the door, making Denver a bit of a brighter place. Stop in to get a peek before they are all gone! xoxo!

Our Weekend Outfit: Red, White and Zigzags

The weekend we’ve been looking forward to for so long now, an extra day added to our normally too-short weekend to make it a just-right one, is finally here. It’s the weekend that gets us excited for cook-outs, summery nights and the liberty to wear white pants again. Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day? You don’t have to tell us twice to throw on a few more accessories. Here’s a patriotic outfit we styled special just for this big day:

1. D&Y bowed sunhat $26 / 2. Owl bangle $18 & Knot bangle $15 / 3. Whistle for joy necklace $23
4. Audrey 3+1 lace top $32 / 5. Natural flower belt $15 / 6. Everly zig-zag shorts $35
7. Blooming rose purse $30 / 8. Filigree basket earrings $15

But we shouldn’t forget what this longer weekend is really for. It is for those whom have given their lives for an idea of a better place and a better tomorrow. It’s for remembering those of our past, near and far, while carrying them into our future. It’s for gathering with family and friends to enjoy the now and create memories for another year. Have a special Memorial Day weekend everyone.


Our Favorite ‘Grams of the Week

It’s true, we are insanely avid Instagramers. We love sharing little bits of our world with you while seeing yours. Since our pictures never make it over to this blog, we’ve decided to start sharing our images with you once a week, every week and only picking our absolute favorite moments.

Monday:  We teamed up with one of our dearest friends Kyrie Howard for one of the most fun
photo shoots we’ve had in a while. We’re still in the editing process from this shoot, but we promise,
they won’t disappoint. Here she is in a Fab-brik tank, gold and silver bangles and a hot red satchel.

Check out her refreshing blog of daily thank-you notes here. 

Tuesday: We received a heaping load of new summer scarves. I know, people freak when they think
of scarves and summer, but let us tell you, these Colorado summer nights are filled with unsuspected
rain and bouts of cold winds. So while they are a more often than not life saver, they look spectacular.

Wednesday:  Hidden in the depths of all the new merchandise flowing through our doors, we found
these sweet little gems, quite literally. For only $7 a piece, we find them to be a steal.

Thursday: Meet Dex. He’s a sweet friend of ours who stops into our Broadway shop from time to time for small check-ins and to give us a small pick-me-up from his cute looks. This week, Dex popped into the shop to help his mom find accessories for a Boulder wedding she’s attending this Saturday.
Way to go Dex! We think your choices are spot-on.

Friday: Oh happy long weekend! But as most of us pack our bags for a small get-a-way or fill our calendars with Memorial Day activities, the inevitable question of ‘What should I wear?’ suddenly approaches. This weekend is for meeting up with friends and family, sitting back and relaxing, so we’ve been putting together holiday outfits for you, to help ease the stress a bit. Here is one of our favorites: a Hello Miss dress with navy, gold and white accessories.

Have a lovely weekend and a fun holiday everyone! xoxo.

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Monday Mood Color: Rose

Have you noticed all the new gorgeous rose blooms in Denver recently? It seems like these romantic beauties popped up over night, but we don’t really mind too much because it’s making our day over and over again. In honor of this spring bloom, which keeps our spirits bright, we’re dedicating this week’s color to the most royal rose of the bunch, red roses.

1. Fada thermometer necklace $22
2. Blu Pepper chiffon and snake skinned belt $43
3. Rosie red sunglasses $20
4. Articulated striped ring $9
5. Gold looped skinny belt $14
6. Guatemalan rose and gold bangle pack $13
7. Patent faux leather satchel $35

All items are currently in stock, so head on over and pick up a bit of bright hues to perk up your Monday! Have a wonderful week, xoxo!

Kat, Felicia and Lauren

Last week, we got in so many new boxes of merchandise, we just about stopped dead in our tracks in complete shock. So we invited our friends Kat and Felicia by for a quick photo shoot to help us model our new arrivals. Here’s a peek at a few outfits we were in love with <3

Between the two of them and I, Lauren, we were able to capture a peek at most of our new favorite looks! Above, Katheryn is showing off a new beloved Peppermint dress while Felicia dons a whimsical Mystic beauty.

Felicia – Mystic dandelion dress $43 / Patent faux leather yellow satchel $40 /
Lemon skinny belt $15 / Gold and color bangle pack $13 / Yellow bow ring $9

Katheryn – Peppermint duo dress $43 / Color block satchel $40 / Copper
bangle $16 / Basket earrings $15

Here I am in our gorgeous new Ya bohemian maxi dress $43 /
Gold and color bangle pack $13 / Straw weaved clutch $35

Some things we learning on this shoot — Don’t be afraid to be a bit matchy this summer! Pair all your accessories together in the same color scheme — yellow purse, belt and ring! Create a complete look by matching your look to a theme — bohemian feeling dress with a straw clutch to compliment. And most importantly, love what you’re in! Real quick before we go, I want to give a special thanks to Gia Genitempo for being our faithful photography for this shoot. Check out some of her work here.

Until next time, au revoir! xoxo.