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Style Post : Romantic Easter

Peach pleated skirt polka dotted sleeved top women's online boutique cute clothing romantic outfit

A time for gathering, a time for peace and a time for a nothing-less-than-delicious chocolate bunny. Easter is here and we love nothing more than getting dressed and ready for each holiday. Bridget Park from the blog Deer Circus made a most romantic and feminine outfit from many of our favorites in our online shop. Wear this with family, friends or your best pup for a dreamy and pretty Easter.

mint pastel flower ring blue pastel loose rock necklace polka dotted navy top stylepost easter sunday what to wear

cute clothing women's online boutique easter sunday style post pink pleated skirt shabby chic romantic outfit
online women's boutique cute clothing easter sunday denver mint flower ring peach pleated skirt

polka dotted top / pleated skirt / mint flower ring / pebbled necklace

Happy holiday Starlets. xo.

DIY: Polka Dot & Ombre Eggs

ombre diy dip dye eggs for easter polka dotted eggs

Easter is almost here! If you haven’t gotten to dyeing eggs yet, we suggest trying this trend worthy approach to a classic tradition.

materials needs DIY polka doted eggs dye hardboiled eggs dot stickers

What you’ll need:

- tiny dot stickers (can be found at any office supply store)
- wax crayon (for writing things)
- egg dipper
- egg dye in any colors of your choosing
- hard boiled eggs

dye easter eggs with polka dots on them

step one: for polka dotted eggs, take one of your eggs and cover in dot stickers in any random placement you would like. be sure to rub the stickers onto the eggs with a bit of pressure, they tend to want to peel off at first. but with a little honest elbow grease, those little dots won’t go anywhere.

polka dotted and gradient easter eggs tutorial

step two: take your egg dipper and gently place your eggs in their appropriate dye bath. let the eggs sit in the dye for about 3 minutes.

online boutique polka dotted easter eggs

step three: after the egg has sat in dye for some time, take them out and immediately dip them in a different color dye. only dip the egg into the different dye partially, or else you will just have a wholly colored egg. dip the eggs about 6 to seven times for a good coat and then sit aside to dry.

diy post polka dotted ombre gradient eggs

step four: after your eggs have dried, take those little itty bitty dot stickers off and ta-da, there you have it! ombre polka dot eggs!

we hope you all have a wonderful time creating these spring trendy eggs! xo.

DIY : Paper Pinwheels

spring craft do it yourself online boutique blogpost cute fun with the kids cute photo prop

We love spring. It wouldn’t go with hesitation to say it is by far our favorite season. Filled with pastels, budding plants and cool weather, we are big fans of this newly sprouting season. For a nerdy and completely relevant pun, we might even say we are ‘wheely, wheely’ excited for the spring days ahead. Thus, we bring you a cute pinwheel DIY post! We just created a ton of these little cuties to put in our spring window displays and never realized just how easy they are to make. To share the wealth a new craft knowledge and cute props, follow the steps below to create your very own pinwheel lovies.

cute paper pinwheel DIY

What you’ll need:

- 12 x 12 sheet of decorative paper (or any size square)
- scissors
- something to poke holes with — we used toothpicks
- brass brads

paper pinwheel DIY materials step one

step one: fold your sheet of paper in half diagonally. unfold and repeat in the opposite direction to create an ‘X’ on the page.

do it yourself paper pinwheels

step two: using your scissors, cut along each diagonal, stopping short about three inches from the center.

Paper pinwheel DIY post

step three: use a toothpick to punch a hole in every other corner of your paper (illustrated above in hearts) and one hole in the center. then, align all the newly punch holes together and fasten them with a brass bad. voila! a new, adorable and spring worthy pinwheel has been born.

cute online boutique do it yourself DIY post









New Arrivals : Mint, Creme & a Dash of Spice

coral ombre chiffon tank emerald lace collar top tiered mint lace dress chiffon mint polka dot top chiffon polkadot lace top ombre necklace miniature frog ring neutral colorblock clutch circle charm black and gold bracelet spring trend cute women's clothing cute spring jewelry

It’s Wednesday — we bet you’ll never guess what we went and did. That’s right, we just uploaded a bunch of cute swoon-worthy clothing and accessories to our online shop! Here is a peek at what we uploaded today. Click on the image above to jump over to all new arrivals or if something catches your fancy that you see, scroll to the links below to treat yourself to a new little something.

1. Polo Match Lace Green Top
2. Classic Black Bow Bracelet
3. Crown Jewelry Mint Hi Low Dress
4. Miniature Frog Ring
5. Low Tide Coral Tiered Top
6. Chelsea Purse in Creme and Tan
7. Walk on the Pier Cream Lace Top
8. Violet Ombre Necklace
9. Polka Dot Parasol Mint Top

Happy Shopping Starlets! xo.