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Style Files : Pleats Please!

Starlet Style Files : Pleated Skirt Vintage Fashion Photography

Welcome to our newest column on our blog – The Starlet Style Files. We will explore trends of the past and show how they can be worked into a wardrobe fit for a modern day starlet. With spring inching its way more and more into our days we can’t stop day dreaming of airy and fun pleats.

pleats, pleated skirt, pleats through the decades, retro pleats, vintage inspired clothing, modern clothing with vintage twist, starlet, shopstarletIt’s hard to say when this sewing technique was invented, but it is known pleated fabric has been found in Birkan Viking graves as far back as 10 B.C. We knew this was a classic look, but my gosh we never realized it went just that far back! Bringing things a little up to date – here are a few of our favorite photos of past starlets, starting with the 1940′s. In the 40′s famous model Dovima models a silk gown with crisp fortuny pleats. In the 50′s, box pleats took over as a popular standard for women on the go and in the workforce. The sixties, a time for color and play drew attention to a ‘school girl’ style with basic accordion pleats.

Shop this classic fashion statement from some of our favorites in the shop!

yellow ruffled pleated dress pleated black midi skirt floral pleated vintage inspired summer dress, polka dotted pleated top, chiffon top, pearl and pleat, mint spring dress, ombre pleated top, chiffon button up

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New Arrivals : Ombré Spring Dream

lavender ombre gradient button up collared spring top emerald ombre gradient strapless maxi dress peach diamond shape statement necklace golden chain buckle stretchy purple fashion belt striped straw clutch mint lace and chiffon dress

Spring to us is one of the more dreamy times of year. Trees are beginning to blossom, our worlds are slowly beginning to turn green and feel alive. The sun is warm while the air still gives us cool crisp breezes allowing us a chance to cool down before enjoying that hot sun again. A visual parallel to this dreamy world is the ever so popular ombré. Today we uploaded a few of our lovely ombré favorites – perfect for a picnic date or an afternoon stroll around town. Click on here to shop all new arrivals or find your favorite item below –

Melt With You Purple Ombré Top    /  Sky Diamonds Statement Necklace  /  Forest Fields Ombré Dress
Lavender Buds Belt  /  Fern Leaves Dress  /  Suzanne Striped Purse

Raspberry Rose Soufflé

hostess with the mostest how to make DIY tutorial raspberry rose souffle pinterest recipe cute dessert tea party dessert

The moment we laid our eyes on this rose tinted gem, we just about fainted. How perfect is this small treat? Girly, delicious and a sure way to wow any guest. Just doesn’t get any better than that. In addition – clear your heads of the all-to-well-known thought of soufflés being sensitive to even the most gentle movement because this recipe is fool proof. Yep, we got just as excited as you are this very moment.

how to make a soufflé raspberry pink rose dessert

Click here to find the soufflé recipe of our dreams. and yours too.

how to make a soufflé raspberry pink rose dessert cute girly treat

Link Love : Vol. 001

links to see fun weekend links thank goodness it's saturday

Happy Weekend! Besides dressing in our favorite frocks, we are finding some things we love so much online and think you should be in on the fun too. Starting now, we will be putting a little list of our favorite things together for you every weekend. aaaaaaand GO.

We can’t stop listening to this song / The cutest snack there ever was / Elastic hair ties in a pinch

illustration by Luli Sanchez

Weekend Outfit : Pleats It’s Friday

ruffled pleated dress with skinny belt braided wristlet cute phone case flower bunch baubled statement bracelet starlet shop online boutique

We get pretty excited about Fridays around here. Friday means one more day until the glorious weekend – a time to go on spontaneous adventures, join with friends and dress up for nothing if we want to. With spring heading out way steadily, we feel inspired to wear the most spring of spring colors – yellow. Follow the links below to find each of these gems.

one / two / three

DIY : Indoor Herb Garden

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

We saw this post over on Changing My Destiny blog and completely fell in LOVE. All you need are a few soup cans, puffy paint and lah-di-dah — your very own adorable herb garden! In celebration of Earth Day, we decided to share. Here’s what you need to get yourself started:

Supplies —

- Empty, clean can, label removed
- Puffy Paint or Hot Glue
- Spray Paint
- Nail/Hammer
- Small Plant
- Extra Potting Soil

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

Step One:
Add some designs to your cans using puffy paint or hot glue. Tip: puffy paint may be easier to use because the stringy-stringyness of hot glue can maybe sometimes (mostly all the time) be a pain in this sort of scenario.

Step Two:
After the designs have dried, spray paint the cans! You can go with a monochromatic look as the pictures show or experiment with different color blocks, gradients (ombre) and any/all looks you desire.

Step Three:
Using a nail and hammer, add a few drainage holes to the bottom of the cans. With a little bit of added potting soil plant your herbs.

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

You are now the proud owner of THE cutest planters on the block. Come summertime during cookouts and dinner parties, these little friends will not only be a conversation topic but will also come in handy during food prep!

New In This Week: Mint Lace & Polka Dots

cute clothing inexpensive spring trend mint and brown chevron maxi skirt mint lace spring dress peach polkadot chiffon floral top bird pattern dress fox ring art deco inspired earrings chevron necklace retro inspired clothing vintage inspired

Happy Earth day Starlets! In celebration (and also because it’s Monday), we’ve uploaded a few new styles to our online shop for you to enjoy. Click the image through to our shop where you can find all the beauties above. How would you style our birdie print dress or chevron maxi skirt?

DIY : Paper Pom Flowers

paper watercolored flowers made from coffee filters starlet photoshoot backdrop

We are absolutely crazy for the gorgeous, beautiful and fun little painted paper flowers. Put them in your hair, hang them up and stick them on a gift for a friend to spread the spring cheer around. Here’s a little how-to on how to make these floral friends.

DIY paper flower for your next party

To start, you’ll need:

one paintbrush
coffee filters
acrylic paint or watercolors (in colors of your choice)
brass brads

paper flowers decoration DIY wedding decoration party decoration cute

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step One: Painting is a girl’s best friend.

Wet your paintbrush with just a touch of paint on it and lightly wet the coffee filter around the edges. Add color as you see fit. Tip: The more water you add / the more you dilute your paint, the more of a water-colored look you will achieve. Try to pick up different hues on your brush at one time as it will give you splotches of paint on your filter while painting (oh-so-pretty!).

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Two: Sittin’ Waitin’ Wishin’

 Wait for the filters to completely dry.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings  how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Three: Add some bling.

After our filters were completely dry, we went through with a smaller brush and painting metallic fold details on the filters for a little extra fun.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Four: Fold up and fix up

Take three filters and fold from the center making a flower-like shape. Then with a brass brad, fasten each point of the filters together then fluff! Voila, you now have a gorgeous party decoration to wow and delight. Create a garland, add to an hors d’oeuvre table or place one in your hair for a romantic picnic date!

do it yourself tutorial on coffee filter watercolored flower poms cute party decoration


Style Post: Spring Soiree

chevron mint dress floral bracelet with black bead daisy stud earrings online boutique starlet cute clothing and affordable accessories

Today in Denver has been very un-springy. With a small snow flurry forecasted in the area, we have received almost a full blizzard. For all of you in somewhat less-than-spring-like weather, what do we do in times like these? Grab a mint dress, throw on some daisy earrings and keep spring alive in our hearts of course! To shop this look, click on the links below —

mint chevron dress / black bead and flower bracelet / daisy stud earrings

Style Post : Polkadots and Lace

fashion stylepost for starlet online boutique black top with lace sleeves fringe coral necklace pastel blue polkadotted pants

Denver got a bit of a surprise snowstorm yesterday. Instead of retreating back to our earth and jewel tones, we say ‘spring ahead’ and keep on with the pastel beauties. Keeping in the spring spirit, we grabbed our polka dotted pants, lace top and vibrantly colored details to storm away the winter blues. Follow the links below for this sweet and spring-ready look.

black lace top / coral fringe necklace / mint flower ring / polka-dotted pants (stores only)