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Weekend Outfit: Cranberry Darling

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The holidays are among us! We are just less than a week away from that oh-so-delicious holiday we love so much — Thanksgiving! As we have been preparing grocery lists and sending out invitations, we can’t help but wonder what we will be wearing for the big day. This outfit features some of our most coveted looks of the season — cranberry statement jewelry, studded bags and velvet pumps and is appropriate for any winter wedding. Shop the different pieces below:

1. Viola Pumps $65 | 2. Shimmery Affair Dress $45
3. Butterfly Wings Statement Necklace $24 | 4. Constance Constellation Clutch $40

Weekend Outfit: Royal Holiday

royal blue long sleeved dress with texture, gold and royal blue clutch purse, purple statement necklace, starlet, shop starlet, vintage inspired clothing, cute women's weekend outfit

Baby, it’s getting cold outside. Dress for the season in this frosty-hued outfit featuring a royal blue vintage-inspired dress  topped off by a purple statement necklace and an easy-to-style patterned clutch. You can’t go wrong with an outfit as fun and season relevant as this one. Find all the pieces to this look below:

one  .  two  .  three

Weekend Outfit: Modern Touch

chevron dress, zigzag pattern dress, 60's inspired outfit, cute woman's clothing, burgundy and teal dress, bauble statement necklace, starlet clothing

This weekend we pull one of our absolute favorite looks from our most recent lookbook. As the seasons slowly shift from warm fall days to chilly winter air, we’re becoming excited over sleeved dresses with warm hues. This Diamond Mines Shift Dress transforms the summer chevron trend into a playful diamond pattern we can’t resist. Look below to find all the pieces to this look:

one  .  two (not yet listed)  .  three