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Starloween Outfit: Native American Princess

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Halloween is just around the corner and we are scheming up all sorts of different outfits you can effortlessly style from one of our dresses! Find a dress, transform it for a night then sneakily put it back into your closet to fit into your personal style. Find this lace and embroidered native american-esque dress in our clothing shops on Broadway and in the Highlands for a night of feathered headbands, bows and arrows. Need a way to make your own bow and arrows? Follow this link here to find the how-to.

DIY : Backyard Games

lady bug and bumble bee tic tac toe, diy, starlet, backyard, memorial day game

We spotted this cute backyard games through our pinterest feed and are completely in love! Craft up this cute sport for you, family, friends and little ones in preparation of the fun weekend ahead of us. What we love most about this fun do-it-yourself tutorial is it’s made of things you probably already have at home!

What you need:

- large round river rocks
- red, black and yellow paint
- paint brush
- wood round

Use your paint brush and your paint to paint five bumble bees and five ladybugs. Draw a pound on your wood round and there you have it! A fun little critter inspired lawn game.

DIY : Blooms and Type

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We saw this project over on Parcel Post’s blog and completely fell head-over-heels in love! What a wonderful idea to spring up any mantel, window or party. Fill lots of little ampersands with blooms and use it in a wedding photobooth – make small initials to decorate your desk – the possibilities have us in a blooming frenzy. Find all the ingredients and the know how to this project here. Thank you Parcel Press for sharing this terrific project!

DIY, tutorial, flower project, typography

floral typography, window display idea, cute spring window display

DIY : Indoor Herb Garden

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

We saw this post over on Changing My Destiny blog and completely fell in LOVE. All you need are a few soup cans, puffy paint and lah-di-dah — your very own adorable herb garden! In celebration of Earth Day, we decided to share. Here’s what you need to get yourself started:

Supplies —

- Empty, clean can, label removed
- Puffy Paint or Hot Glue
- Spray Paint
- Nail/Hammer
- Small Plant
- Extra Potting Soil

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

Step One:
Add some designs to your cans using puffy paint or hot glue. Tip: puffy paint may be easier to use because the stringy-stringyness of hot glue can maybe sometimes (mostly all the time) be a pain in this sort of scenario.

Step Two:
After the designs have dried, spray paint the cans! You can go with a monochromatic look as the pictures show or experiment with different color blocks, gradients (ombre) and any/all looks you desire.

Step Three:
Using a nail and hammer, add a few drainage holes to the bottom of the cans. With a little bit of added potting soil plant your herbs.

inexpensive do it yourself project make your own planters herb garden - starlet

You are now the proud owner of THE cutest planters on the block. Come summertime during cookouts and dinner parties, these little friends will not only be a conversation topic but will also come in handy during food prep!

DIY : Paper Pom Flowers

paper watercolored flowers made from coffee filters starlet photoshoot backdrop

We are absolutely crazy for the gorgeous, beautiful and fun little painted paper flowers. Put them in your hair, hang them up and stick them on a gift for a friend to spread the spring cheer around. Here’s a little how-to on how to make these floral friends.

DIY paper flower for your next party

To start, you’ll need:

one paintbrush
coffee filters
acrylic paint or watercolors (in colors of your choice)
brass brads

paper flowers decoration DIY wedding decoration party decoration cute

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step One: Painting is a girl’s best friend.

Wet your paintbrush with just a touch of paint on it and lightly wet the coffee filter around the edges. Add color as you see fit. Tip: The more water you add / the more you dilute your paint, the more of a water-colored look you will achieve. Try to pick up different hues on your brush at one time as it will give you splotches of paint on your filter while painting (oh-so-pretty!).

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Two: Sittin’ Waitin’ Wishin’

 Wait for the filters to completely dry.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings   how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Three: Add some bling.

After our filters were completely dry, we went through with a smaller brush and painting metallic fold details on the filters for a little extra fun.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Four: Fold up and fix up

Take three filters and fold from the center making a flower-like shape. Then with a brass brad, fasten each point of the filters together then fluff! Voila, you now have a gorgeous party decoration to wow and delight. Create a garland, add to an hors d’oeuvre table or place one in your hair for a romantic picnic date!

do it yourself tutorial on coffee filter watercolored flower poms cute party decoration


DIY: Polka Dot & Ombre Eggs

ombre diy dip dye eggs for easter polka dotted eggs

Easter is almost here! If you haven’t gotten to dyeing eggs yet, we suggest trying this trend worthy approach to a classic tradition.

materials needs DIY polka doted eggs dye hardboiled eggs dot stickers

What you’ll need:

- tiny dot stickers (can be found at any office supply store)
- wax crayon (for writing things)
- egg dipper
- egg dye in any colors of your choosing
- hard boiled eggs

dye easter eggs with polka dots on them

step one: for polka dotted eggs, take one of your eggs and cover in dot stickers in any random placement you would like. be sure to rub the stickers onto the eggs with a bit of pressure, they tend to want to peel off at first. but with a little honest elbow grease, those little dots won’t go anywhere.

polka dotted and gradient easter eggs tutorial

step two: take your egg dipper and gently place your eggs in their appropriate dye bath. let the eggs sit in the dye for about 3 minutes.

online boutique polka dotted easter eggs

step three: after the egg has sat in dye for some time, take them out and immediately dip them in a different color dye. only dip the egg into the different dye partially, or else you will just have a wholly colored egg. dip the eggs about 6 to seven times for a good coat and then sit aside to dry.

diy post polka dotted ombre gradient eggs

step four: after your eggs have dried, take those little itty bitty dot stickers off and ta-da, there you have it! ombre polka dot eggs!

we hope you all have a wonderful time creating these spring trendy eggs! xo.

DIY : Paper Pinwheels

spring craft do it yourself online boutique blogpost cute fun with the kids cute photo prop

We love spring. It wouldn’t go with hesitation to say it is by far our favorite season. Filled with pastels, budding plants and cool weather, we are big fans of this newly sprouting season. For a nerdy and completely relevant pun, we might even say we are ‘wheely, wheely’ excited for the spring days ahead. Thus, we bring you a cute pinwheel DIY post! We just created a ton of these little cuties to put in our spring window displays and never realized just how easy they are to make. To share the wealth a new craft knowledge and cute props, follow the steps below to create your very own pinwheel lovies.

cute paper pinwheel DIY

What you’ll need:

- 12 x 12 sheet of decorative paper (or any size square)
- scissors
- something to poke holes with — we used toothpicks
- brass brads

paper pinwheel DIY materials step one

step one: fold your sheet of paper in half diagonally. unfold and repeat in the opposite direction to create an ‘X’ on the page.

do it yourself paper pinwheels

step two: using your scissors, cut along each diagonal, stopping short about three inches from the center.

Paper pinwheel DIY post

step three: use a toothpick to punch a hole in every other corner of your paper (illustrated above in hearts) and one hole in the center. then, align all the newly punch holes together and fasten them with a brass bad. voila! a new, adorable and spring worthy pinwheel has been born.

cute online boutique do it yourself DIY post









Sips and Sweet Gifts

Oh yes, the day we have all been waiting for. The day we get to all take a small step back and give a warm and loving ‘ thank you, i love you ‘ to all the ones we care for in this world. To celebrate, we created a few projects for you to make on this special night of love or a cocktail to shake up with your special b

cherry raspberry fizz cocktail denver DIY how to sips sweet valentine date night drink

 What you need: 1 tbs lemon juice  |  1 tsp grenadine  |  1 oz cherry brand  |  Champagne  |  Fresh cherries, for garnish

How to:  Shake grenadine, lemon juice, and brandy with ice and strain into a coupe.  |  Fill with champagne and garnish with a fresh cherry. — we mysteriously misplaced our cherries so went with some ripe raspberries we had on hand. still cute, red and oh so valentine.

custom mug sharpie oil based how to DIY valentine gift for her for him

What you need:

DIY do it yourself mug red valentine mug gold silver white sharpie on mug

How to:

Shake your Sharpie for a few moments and test on a paper towel or scrap paper to measure flow of the pen. Write or draw a little something special for your valentine. Then, pop your new sweet mug into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Afterwards, take your new mug out and let it cool completely. Voila! A special little something for the one you love.

do it yourself gold glitter heart muslin tote cute valentine craft how to gift for her


supplies for do it yourself project craft night gold glitter gold acrylic paint mod podge paintbrush cute valentine gift

How to: Using a pencil, draw a heart in the middle of the tote (or anywhere you prefer!). Paint the heart with the gold paint to make sure all empty spaces will be filled after the glitter is applied. Tip: place a paper towel inside your tote as the acrylic paint will seep through the fabric a bit.

how to glitter heart tote DIY paint gold heart metallic acrylic paint

Once the paint has dried, apply mod podge to the gold heart with a paintbrush and quickly poor a generous amount of glitter onto the wet glue. Wait about 15 minute, shake off the leftover glitter and there you have it! A beautiful on trend tote to keep or gift. (Tada!)

do it yourself DIY glitter heart tote for valentines day gift for her fun valentine craft

Happy Valentine’s Day Starlets! xo.


DIY: Lemon Leaf Garland

While browsing around the amazing wonderland of Pinterest, we stumbled upon this gorgeous lemon garland from one of our blog favorites, Oh Happy Day. To share the decorative love with you, we are reblogging their great and simple tutorial. From their house, to ours to yours.

1. Go through the bunches of lemon leaves, cutting down the sections of leaves and leaving a 3″ stem.

2. Cut an 8″ section of 30 gauge wire. Gather two or three sections of leaves and wire them together. Leaving a 6″ tail of rope take the sections and wire it to the rope.

3. Repeat the bunching the leaves into small clusters and attach each new cluster just behind the last. If you would like to add fruit to your garland, take a piece of fruit and secure a piece of wire going through the skin of one end of the fruit using 24 gauge wire.