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Recipe Roundup: Peachy Keen

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summertime summer peach recipe, starlet, how to, DIY peaches.

So we’ve been told there is going to be a new farmer in town during the third installment of the Broadway Farmer’s Market tonight. And that farmer just might happen to be carrying loads of delicious peaches. And we’re just so excited we may or may not have created an entire blogpost just for the delicious fruit (if you’re still wondering, we did). Follow the links below to delicious peach margaritas, peach tarts, pancakes and other peach treats made of dreams. xo!

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Recipe Roundup: Farmer’s Market Finds

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It’s been a long time coming and at last, the debut day for the brand new Broadway Farmer’s Market is here! For this week’s recipe round-up, we pulled some of our favorite farmer’s market inspired recipes from our ‘hostess’ Pinterest board. Whether it’s grilled pineapple or a peach blueberry pie, these are all summer treats guaranteed to make a night feel special.

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Summertime Recipe Roundup.

corn on the cob, asparagus salad, orange mojito recipe, sweet potato chips recipe, orangesicle recipe. Summertime feasting is a time to renew, refresh and regain our love for fruit, grilled items and cold treats. While flipping through our hostess pinterest board, we rounded up our favorite recipes of the season so far. Follow our board link to discover the whole recipe collection or scroll to the individual recipe links below!

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Happy snackin’ Starlets! xo <3

Summertime Pops.

boozy popsicles sex on the beach summertime snack treat

Summertime is here, the sun is bright and the flowers are blooming filling the air in the city with fresh smells. While browsing around the wide internet for the perfect cool down snack, we stumbled across these beautifully colored and delicious popsicles from Endless Simmer. Here’s what you need to create this wondrous treat:

12 oz. pineapple ( about half of a large pineapple)
3 oz. raspberries (about 13 regular-size raspberries)
4 oz. vodka
2 oz. Pama Pomegrante liqueur
(makes 10 popsicles)

The how-to:

1. Place the pineapple and vodka in a food processor or a blender and process until pureed and well blended. Set aside.

2. Place raspberry and Pama Liqueur in the food processor or a blender and process until pureed and well blended.

3. Pour 1/2 oz of pineapple mixture into each popsicle well,  then pour 1 oz of rasberry mixture on top of it.  Fill remainder of the popsicle wells with pineapple mixture. Use the narrow handle of a spoon or fork to gently drag raspberry mixture through the pineapple mixture and against the walls of the mold for a soft swirling effect.

4. Place foil on top of popsicle form and cut a tiny hole in the center of each well. Stick popsicle stick through the hole. Freeze for at least 6 hours or until frozen solid. To release popsicles, run hot water on the outside of popsicle molds for 2-3 seconds.

Find the full blogpost and other incredible summertime recipes on the Endless Simmer blog here!

Raspberry Rose Soufflé

hostess with the mostest how to make DIY tutorial raspberry rose souffle pinterest recipe cute dessert tea party dessert

The moment we laid our eyes on this rose tinted gem, we just about fainted. How perfect is this small treat? Girly, delicious and a sure way to wow any guest. Just doesn’t get any better than that. In addition – clear your heads of the all-to-well-known thought of soufflés being sensitive to even the most gentle movement because this recipe is fool proof. Yep, we got just as excited as you are this very moment.

how to make a soufflé raspberry pink rose dessert

Click here to find the soufflé recipe of our dreams. and yours too.

how to make a soufflé raspberry pink rose dessert cute girly treat

DIY : Paper Pom Flowers

paper watercolored flowers made from coffee filters starlet photoshoot backdrop

We are absolutely crazy for the gorgeous, beautiful and fun little painted paper flowers. Put them in your hair, hang them up and stick them on a gift for a friend to spread the spring cheer around. Here’s a little how-to on how to make these floral friends.

DIY paper flower for your next party

To start, you’ll need:

one paintbrush
coffee filters
acrylic paint or watercolors (in colors of your choice)
brass brads

paper flowers decoration DIY wedding decoration party decoration cute

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step One: Painting is a girl’s best friend.

Wet your paintbrush with just a touch of paint on it and lightly wet the coffee filter around the edges. Add color as you see fit. Tip: The more water you add / the more you dilute your paint, the more of a water-colored look you will achieve. Try to pick up different hues on your brush at one time as it will give you splotches of paint on your filter while painting (oh-so-pretty!).

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Two: Sittin’ Waitin’ Wishin’

 Wait for the filters to completely dry.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings   how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Three: Add some bling.

After our filters were completely dry, we went through with a smaller brush and painting metallic fold details on the filters for a little extra fun.

how to tutorial DIY fashion cute paper filter flowers for parties and weddings

Step Four: Fold up and fix up

Take three filters and fold from the center making a flower-like shape. Then with a brass brad, fasten each point of the filters together then fluff! Voila, you now have a gorgeous party decoration to wow and delight. Create a garland, add to an hors d’oeuvre table or place one in your hair for a romantic picnic date!

do it yourself tutorial on coffee filter watercolored flower poms cute party decoration


Sips and Sweet Gifts

Oh yes, the day we have all been waiting for. The day we get to all take a small step back and give a warm and loving ‘ thank you, i love you ‘ to all the ones we care for in this world. To celebrate, we created a few projects for you to make on this special night of love or a cocktail to shake up with your special b

cherry raspberry fizz cocktail denver DIY how to sips sweet valentine date night drink

 What you need: 1 tbs lemon juice  |  1 tsp grenadine  |  1 oz cherry brand  |  Champagne  |  Fresh cherries, for garnish

How to:  Shake grenadine, lemon juice, and brandy with ice and strain into a coupe.  |  Fill with champagne and garnish with a fresh cherry. — we mysteriously misplaced our cherries so went with some ripe raspberries we had on hand. still cute, red and oh so valentine.

custom mug sharpie oil based how to DIY valentine gift for her for him

What you need:

DIY do it yourself mug red valentine mug gold silver white sharpie on mug

How to:

Shake your Sharpie for a few moments and test on a paper towel or scrap paper to measure flow of the pen. Write or draw a little something special for your valentine. Then, pop your new sweet mug into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Afterwards, take your new mug out and let it cool completely. Voila! A special little something for the one you love.

do it yourself gold glitter heart muslin tote cute valentine craft how to gift for her


supplies for do it yourself project craft night gold glitter gold acrylic paint mod podge paintbrush cute valentine gift

How to: Using a pencil, draw a heart in the middle of the tote (or anywhere you prefer!). Paint the heart with the gold paint to make sure all empty spaces will be filled after the glitter is applied. Tip: place a paper towel inside your tote as the acrylic paint will seep through the fabric a bit.

how to glitter heart tote DIY paint gold heart metallic acrylic paint

Once the paint has dried, apply mod podge to the gold heart with a paintbrush and quickly poor a generous amount of glitter onto the wet glue. Wait about 15 minute, shake off the leftover glitter and there you have it! A beautiful on trend tote to keep or gift. (Tada!)

do it yourself DIY glitter heart tote for valentines day gift for her fun valentine craft

Happy Valentine’s Day Starlets! xo.