DIY : Paper Pinwheels

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We love spring. It wouldn’t go with hesitation to say it is by far our favorite season. Filled with pastels, budding plants and cool weather, we are big fans of this newly sprouting season. For a nerdy and completely relevant pun, we might even say we are ‘wheely, wheely’ excited for the spring days ahead. Thus, we bring you a cute pinwheel DIY post! We just created a ton of these little cuties to put in our spring window displays and never realized just how easy they are to make. To share the wealth a new craft knowledge and cute props, follow the steps below to create your very own pinwheel lovies.

cute paper pinwheel DIY

What you’ll need:

- 12 x 12 sheet of decorative paper (or any size square)
- scissors
- something to poke holes with — we used toothpicks
- brass brads

paper pinwheel DIY materials step one

step one: fold your sheet of paper in half diagonally. unfold and repeat in the opposite direction to create an ‘X’ on the page.

do it yourself paper pinwheels

step two: using your scissors, cut along each diagonal, stopping short about three inches from the center.

Paper pinwheel DIY post

step three: use a toothpick to punch a hole in every other corner of your paper (illustrated above in hearts) and one hole in the center. then, align all the newly punch holes together and fasten them with a brass bad. voila! a new, adorable and spring worthy pinwheel has been born.

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